Saturday, January 1, 2011


So much for the pre-NY resolution to post some serious resolutions tonight. My red-eye landed at 6:10 am. I am always one of the last folks off the airplane as I always sit in the back. Once I finally disembarked, I realized I did not have my new hat. After much waiting, Jet Blue informed me that they could not find it, leading me to think I spaced out trying to get on the airplane in Oakland and left it. When I finally got to the baggage claim, I could not find the right carousel. After much running back and forth and heaving my other heavy bag, I finally found my suitcase (and I only almost started crying once). I got  a cab. I arrived at home to clamber over snow hills. I came in, changed out of my clothes and have pretty much been in bed since. About 14 hours ago. And am headed back.

So, the reflection will have to wait. I don't feel as if I am getting any sicker, which is good. I am just exhausted. Plus, I am halfway through In the Woods and have two fat kittehs to warm me.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


  1. I'm taking a lesson from my kitteh--No New Year's Resolutions! Just taking it one day at a time...
    Rest and be well, Sally dear.

  2. No new years resolutions for me either. How about that! Rest and enjoy.