Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Wow! An early post from my own machine!! Mom's plane is an hour late.

I'm sitting at the home of my brother and sister-in-law, Michael and Alicia, boiling the brine for the Saturday turkey. I'm trying a 72-hour brine this time ... well, will it be a whole 72 hours from now? (Answer: no.)

All kinds of minor tragedies going on ... and we all cope. Our first no-shows from our guest list had to cancel because a young woman, just here from New Zealand and staying with our family friends Debee and Fico and Stewart, was hit by a car as she was in a crosswalk crossing the street. She seems to be stabilized after a collapsed lung, a broken leg, and internal bleeding. Her mother, an American, had sent her to her best friend, Debee, so that Jasmine, the young woman, could have an experience of an American high school and see California.

Alicia's old friend, Mary Lou, just called her from a hospital gurney as she was being wheeled into surgery for an emergency gall stone/gall bladder procedure. Her husband, Arnie, just left a message that she is doing fine and recovering nicely in her room.

I have been running around so much, it is hard to think about anything larger than my next reunion (dinner with Charlie H and BK M at the Bay Wolf, in an hour and 45) ... and planning the rest of the Christmas meal.

I hope I find the time to read and take a bath at some point in the near future.

While I was involved with the letting go ritual last night, and even though there was the appropriate Andean music playing, I was hearing the Rolling Stones, Let It Loose.

 "let it loose, let it all come down..."

Listen to music, make some good food, eat some good food, and let it loose ...

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  1. Wow. Glad she's doing okay!
    Have to had me at brining.
    Tell us how it turns out!