Friday, December 24, 2010


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sleepy sleepy. Always lots of stimulation when one is travelling. And tomorrow starts the craziness countdown!

I don't really expect it to be too bad, really. There is some shopping to do, but the turkey is a-brining and there really aren't that many more decisions for me to make. What kind of pizza to make tomorrow? Do I need to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond All Reason for a pizza pan? Really.

As some of you might have observed, families can be tiresome. There is a particular ability to have buttons pushed in familiar ways, and reacting afresh or ignoring them can be a challenge. I think I will do okay.

After all, I walked into a branch of one of my favorite East Bay bakeries, La Farine, and playing loudly was "I Say A Little Prayer" — Aretha. I took that as a sign to lighten up, relax, and try to enjoy.

And there is much to enjoy. What is this dark cloud? This concentration? This stress. It was a beautiful day.

That's what we are all supposed to be doing at the solstice. Lightening up. Lightnin' up.

No, not light one up.


  1. Lightening up indeed! When I read this, I realized we'd passed the solstice three days ago. Life is getting lighter again. Yay!!

  2. Sometimes lighting one up is the best way to lighten up..Hope in the end your Christmas is great experience for you.

  3. Love this post! Wonderful perspective.
    (And as a side note, La Farine is the best!)
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    Have a great weekend!
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