Sunday, December 26, 2010


I have no idea given my tequila and white wine induced state of mind why it was important for me to find this link. You'll have to trust me and my innate taste that it had some relevant reason to post here.

Okay then. The Syberg-Goldstein-Silipans in Oakland had a pretty good time. The turkey was excellent, being a pretty concentrated collaboration between all of us once it was out of the brine. There is a hierarchy of authority here, ending in my brother David, who is the most trained chef among us.

The brothers had a nice time talking music without me. Stella and I jumped in from time to time. Now, the mom and the brother and the sister-in-law and I are ready to watch The Kids are All Alright.  Which might be alright with me.

Too much alcohol? Too much food?  No? too weird all of this with this movie. More anon. And maybe entirely sober.

All in all, a helluva better day than I might have expected!


  1. wish I could have been there. Jasmine is in a regular room so now I am at least not so isolated and have some wifi and cell phone etc. I haven't seen The Kids are Alright yet. You will have to let me know what you think of it.

  2. Loved Kids Are All Right.
    And love the clarity of EmmyLou's voice.
    What is it about us that enables us to know what's coming viscerally before anyone ever tells us? The best parts of our animal instincts?
    Glad your feast went well. Did the brining make a real difference? Have always wanted to try it!