Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ahhhh … home.
A little KALX radio.
A little rain.
A little digestif avec mes amis.
Tout va bien.

Yes, I am still tired, but only two nights away from home… the other home, Brooklyn.

I visited home today on the yogic level as I went to a class of my mentor/teacher Susannah Bruder. I haven’t practiced with her in about a decade. I nearly cried my way through class. So deep a connection as soon as I walked through the door. As soon as I put my arms around her, the tears rose. It was almost a challenge to do the practice, but, with Susannah’s warm words and guidance, I was able to concentrate on a rewarding practice. Really a homecoming for me.

Yoga opened me a bit to the overwhelming panoply of emotions that I feel when I am here in the Bay Area, all the memories of so many years. So many lives not lived. So much has happened while I have been elsewhere. But part of me is always here. 

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