Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Why yes, I am stressed. Thank you for asking.

Okay. I took my own medicine for a moment, and sat quietly in my chair, taking deep breaths. The fan overhead (on because it is overheated here ... and I tried to burn up the kitchen A-Gain) and the gentle rustle of wrapping paper strewn about the only sounds. And just the breath.

This multi-tasking is getting to be too much (note to self ... stop trying to cook in one end of the house and work in the other at the same time ... bad results).

I can see if I don't slow down right now, it will be a rough few days until I get on that 'plane. I might as well start thinking triage now and try to save my sanity. I should focus on not getting sick, which often happens to me right about now.

Maybe it's time to shut off the computer, finish cleaning the kitchen, and take a bath and read.

Tomorrow is another day, even if I won't be at Tara.

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