Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Snow flurries this evening. And a bit of powder on the ground. Not enough to get street cleaning cancelled though. And that's what we urban car owners long for, the cancellation of alternate side parking.

Love this from Buddha's Brain

The Challenges of Maintaining an Equilibrium

(How often is our less staid days were we admonished by our similarly addled friends, "Maintain, man! Just maintain!")

   For you to stay healthy, each system in your body and mind must balance two conflicting needs. On the one hand, it must remain open to inputs during ongoing transactions with its local environment; closed systems are dead systems.  On the other hand, each system must also preserve a fundamental stability centered around a good set-point and within certain ranges—not too hot, nor too cold. ...

Damn straight. This is the challenge of we adhd-ers. And maybe lots of humans who aren't so afflicted. The balance between focus and indirection. Pretty much what Jane Hirschfield said early on in this blog about balancing those two. You need to keep open for inspiration and closed for distractions from the path/task.

Of course, this isn't easy.

I will say that I am gaining confidence in my ability to accomplish things. I was watching an interview with the director of I Am LoveLuca Guadagnino, where he talks about getting his film made, piano piano, slowly, slowly. I like that. Piano piano. 

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