Monday, December 13, 2010


In the immortal words of Felix the Cat, "Righty-o!" 'Twas a good rainy Sunday here in Brooklyn. Several things accomplished (cleaning humidifier, pizzas made, kitchen floor alllllllllmost clean ...), more kitchen re-org progress, roasted squash soup ready to finish ... and I even took a good walk. Even though I am probably too wired to sleep, I am in a good mood and feel accomplished.

Patanjali's Sutra: 1.2 translates several ways:

Yoga is establishing the mind in stillness;
Yoga is the stopping of fluctuations of consciousness;
Yoga is the quietings of the turnings or projections of the mind;
Yoga is for the stillness of the mind;
Yoga is the settling of the mind into stillness;
Yoga is for steadiness of attention.

Somehow, I managed to accomplish the steadiness, the stillness of mind today. And I got a lot done. I was not really running hither and yon. I rather knew what I planned to get done and how, and that's what happened.

I am not sure how this was accomplished save for not really having any expectations or "emotional investment" in what went down today. I just moved through the day, in my body, with a quiet mind. I wasn't anywhere else. And it was a fine place to be.

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