Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Not to quote the Eagles, but this is "one of these nights..."
Or was it was "one of those nights?"
"These nights"
but for me, one of those night, really ...

Just absorbing the events, and my reactions of the day.
The good, the bad, the ugly ... and the kind of sublime.

The bad and the ugly are so trivial that in geologic time, they didn't even happen.

The good are so sweet, that I am abashed and at a loss for words.
Or too embarrassed to express?

Not sure at this juncture what these have to do with yoga or writing, but such a graceful, merciful sweetness.

1) My childhood friend, Theresa F-G, sent me a book that enthralled us in our childhoods. I am not sure why, but for several months Boy of the Pyramids had us completely entranced. After finding me on FB and some lengthy correspondences on our reading material, she found it and sent it to me for Christmas. I don't believe I have seen her since the fall of 1972. I am so touched by her kindness and the deftness of her connection, I am kind of at a loss for words. But working on it.

How does one "categorize" such a thoughtful gift, kind of out out nowhere.

2) A significant male partner from my early emotional/sexual past, whom I thought disdained me, wrote me a very short and sweet note. I haven't seen or spoken to him, save for a few emails this year, since 1978. Turns out he values me. Who knew?

I suppose I am humbled by the possibilities of the universe, now that is a bit easier to find those lost to us. The warm reception I have found from so many folks that have stumbled upon me or vice versa is, in the real sense of the word, awesome. I am in awe of the respect and ... um ... mojo ... that past relationships still have.

Grateful and awestruck might be the descriptors for tonight.

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