Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I'm tired. Tonight's soundtracks vary between the theme song for Flipper and an old Martin Mull song, Thousands of Girls. Hill-air-reous. I'll spare you the Flipper link.

So, this trip is almost at an end. It will be the last night at Alicia and Michael's, followed by two nights chez Cullinane and one night chez USA via Jet Blue. I always have to go straight to bed when I get home because it is the only way the kittehs can get enough of me after some time away. Everything else must wait.

I do look forward to resuming contemplation time and musing and reading. But my year of living languorously (and that is hard word to spell) should come to an end. I already have a gig with Robert that is underway. And being away is often good for getting a good start. I just might have enough gumption and perspective to get some new work done.

And when I do get home, I can spend a bit of time musing over mortality, the lives we didn't or don't live, the light of friendship and connection, forgiveness, the risks of joy, and all kinds of good stuff. Tomorrow, I am going to try to make it over to San Francisco to take a yoga class with my old teacher, Susannah Bruder. That would be getting a head start on a New Years' practice.

And time to re-focus or revisit some of the time I spent with Carol and Jim and see if I can put some of that energy and those insights to work.

And the band played on ...


  1. Love that Martin Mull album, Almost Perfect... you have any Berkeley time tomorrow let me know.

  2. Good that you are giving the city a few extra days to let the snow melt. Apparently everyone who normally plow and such were away on vacation this time.

    Took me an extra day to get home from RI (nice time with Mom & Dad) since trains don't run in snow... who knew? And busses do run in snow, but don't run the day or two after a snow storm... who knew? Ach, who needs infrastructure anyway.

    Best thing was, when I did finally get home it appears they left 7th street unplowed. Nice of them to leave it that way, it is very pretty. All I can say is you picked the right year to be away for the holidays. Cheers!

    "M-I-A-M-I in Miami or am I in Miami?"