Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well, this challenge is on. Raining, tipsy, tired. I am not personally raining that I can tell, but I am tipsy and tired and having a somewhat difficult time typing.

How I Got Over by Aretha is muchly in my ears right now. Thinking about the last two years that have been particularly difficult.

Went over to Jim's and Carol's house to do some Shaman-style solstice cleansing and intentional "rituals' for the New Year. Rather nice and very fun. Very communal. It is pretty great to spend a little time sharing with friends and "fellow travelers" some past difficulties, some hopes, some fears, and even some prayers for another sun cycle.

And that's enough to say about that for the moment. My practice at the moment is to allay being overwhelmed by everything. Play it cool.

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