Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Still staying without WiFi, but I can at least write and post, even if I can't send it around as per usual.

It's such an over-stimulated world for me out here. Memories, dreams, failures, youth, age, loss, improvement ... changes in the landscape and the lifestyle... it didn't seem so ... maybe foreign to me the last time I was here (two years ago). Have I changed so that I am finally seeing this part of the world, or my life with clearer eyes?

I know this is not very articulate, but I am still processing (and recovering from a bit 'o jetlag). Not entirely sure what my thoughts or feelings are. Maybe it is the economy, but Berkeley looks shabbier than I remember. The University of California is taking over the town and the once-beautiful campus is getting crowded with large anonymous buildings (can buildings be anonymous or are they merely indistinguishable and non-descript?), just like NYU!

Maybe I am not even a Californian anymore?

Maybe it's the weather (grey and rainy).

Maybe it's the full moon/solstice/eclipse?

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  1. Yay. You're a New Yorker!
    No, it's okay. Can't you be both?
    Whenever I visited with my friends parents in the past, I found myself sinking back into self-destructive behavior...even if they were positive influences on my life. Nothing affects you like childhood...sigh.