Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've resorted to hummous, pretzels, and beer to motivate me through these last few days of housecleaning. The dregs, the odds and ends (as if that isn't mostly what I own) are always the craziest part for me.

My home now has a name: Moth Haven. I have so many cashmere sweaters and chewed up balls of yarn, there is literally moth shit all over. I wonder if it has any healing powers. I could sell it like rose oil or saffron. Having an organized space has not happened to me in so many years, it is difficult to understand what the reward will be. But I soldier on.

Those of you who know one another should probably be taking bets as to whether I will get done by next Friday afternoon. I don't know which way I would go.

Funny, I allowed myself three beers this evening, but I am not much liking number three. Guess I have had enough.

Here's another picture from Central Park on Wednesday. The shade got to be chilly but it was lovely when the sun was out.

I was thinking today that the last time I tried to do something every day was when I was maybe 20 years old. I resolved to listen to the Grateful Dead every single day. But then I took off for Mexico in the summer, so I had to give up that dream.

Saturdays are often a bit disjointed these days as I go to therapy at 11:30. The hours or minutes before that are absorbed with my trying to be focussed enough to get out of the house and be on time. When I usually get home, around 1:30, I am often exhausted or spacily contemplative, so I end up reading or napping. I suppose I was fortunate today in that I did get up and resume my quest for a cleaner apartment.

E seems to be holding on. L didn't post a report yet, but she did invite me up to hang out with her in Rhinebeck during part of E's recovery, so there is a good degree of confidence there.

Although there are more episodes of Roseanne to watch and 2/3s of a beer, I think I am going to join Miep in curling up ... once I clean off the bed.


  1. Don't laugh but I saw a very cute way to patch sweaters in Martha Stewart's Magazine. You darn up the holes with a contrasting color so it looks kinda like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. Of course, you are now into a world of pain, keeping all those "holy" sweaters around. :-)

  2. It's hard to imagine a world where cashmere and wool have an important place, as I sit working on two spanish finals with the electric fan on me. Good job getting organized. I hope it will inspire your untidy friend. A friend from book group wants us to read "The fountainhead." I'm really hoping she'll come to her senses. I am charmed by your friend's sweater mending idea from Martha. it's a good thing. My thing I try to do every day is NOTICE the ocean. Today it was turquoise with white caps as I did tai chi. then it got too rainy for tai chi and it was cancelled.

  3. The only thing I'm aware of doing every day besides sleeping & eating, is doing the dishes. We built the kitchen so that there is a nice window to look out of over the sink, so it's a bearable chore. During April this year & last, each day I posted a new haiku on facebook, which I enjoyed, and miss now. It made me look at the world around me in a diffeent way. I always intend to do some art & some music rehearsing every day, but often doesn't happen. Pretty much every day I go for a walk or go to the YMCA, but weather & family can interrupt that good intention. I think actually doing something besides the dishes every day (like you do your blog) is pretty wonderful.

  4. Woops... I mean in a "different" way. "Diffeent" sounds almost like a real word: "eent" is an abbreviation apparently for "eye, ear, nose, & throat", so not inappropriate to describe looking at the world more completely, through all I was.