Monday, May 23, 2011


Grey again. Or is that gray again? I am tempted to get into the car and drive until I find some sunlight. Drive South as John Hiatt recommends. He recommends it "if you are feelin' down and out..."

Not so down and out as oppressed by the damn weather. This Spring has the emotional feel of the Soviet regime.

Don't you love it when you find lists that don't make any sense. This one, who knows from whence:
cheese—mozzarella, parmesan & goat cheese
more fresh herbs — oregano, rosemary
brussels sprout
cat bed

Cat bed? Completely stumped on that one. Can't imagine where I would be shopping. Oh well, into the wastebasked

Spent the morning looking for some courses I am interested in taking that might well improve certain job chances. I want to take a beginning Photoshop Course, and one in graphic design. And I thought I'd look into some project management programs, like learning Visio. At the CUNY Schools, it is really difficult to navigate their interfaces, if all you want is a class and a price for it. Really. Who designs these things. Very frustrating. But the professional school for Visio was quite easy to navigate.

I suppose we best get used to frustration. With the world devolving as it seems to be doing, there will be more stupifying stupidity than less.

Time to pray to the sun god for some light tomorrow.

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