Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Rain again. Noisy shlushing of cars and truck on Eighth Avenue. I took a small amount of sleeping med last night which took a while  to work. This morning I slept until 10ish and I'm groggy. Also, my system is now fairly sensitive to alcohol, so the increased number of beers consumed over the weekend is likely affecting my sleep also.

I am writing and perusing the jobs on Mediabistro before I've even had any coffee. The "flow" of feelings might be headed downstream, but I am determined to get a move on toward positivity and success.

More later.

Today was absolutely better, although I am not yet at 100% energy. I remind myself to be more assiduous about picking up after myself right away so that the layers don't have time to accumulate.

I am still refocussing and stepping back into a swing that includes more outreach and concerted gig searching. I wrote some emails and made a call or two, began to research what is out there on the market, what I might need to get a bit more up to speed on, and just think about the work world.

Even the blog writing feels a bit rusty; startling what a day or two away can do to the rhythm. Perhaps some insight will creep in as well.

Back to bed after putting away the ironing board. I think I am through about a third of the pile. Still rain.

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