Monday, May 30, 2011


Wallpaper on my favorite room.

Keys to the theater and building.
Still standing. Or actually sitting. We staid up until 1:00, I think, watching concert footage in that amazing room with stunning sound. We planned to get up early enough to do the epic journey to Whitehall, birthplace of the US Navy, dontcha know (on Lake Champlain) … to hit the thrift/stuff stores that Larry had been scoping for weeks.

When I was here back in February, Larry and I drove past a purple house with a giant mermaid attached to the porch which was piled to the rafters with STUFF.  It was open and quite a … an adventure. Larry bought two pair of leather shoes that had been transformed into planters. Melissa found a pile o’ planters for their “verandah” … I always find stuff.

In fact, I am not really sure how I, the person with the least money, ended up with the most stuff, but there you go.

A smoked meat man.
Silly and drunk at Flanagan;s.

Breakfast at Jean's at Paradox Lake. Those look like English muffins, but are, in fact, butter sponges.

Breakfast Bryan.

The fun with breakfast sandwich.

Tim sold tickets again tonight. I tried to watch Thor, but I really could not take more than about 15 minutes. I came downstairs to hang with Liz and get eaten by mosquitos. Hopefully, the small amount of trazadone I took will let me sleep through the itching. 


The view from the verdandah at the Red Top.

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