Monday, May 30, 2011


Tim, Missy, and Larry looking at Schroon Lake while it starts to rain,

In the Stagecoach Antiques  Store today, I spied a fairly terrible terra cotta miniature souvenir jug that said
“Almost heaven. West Virginia.”  But I am in Almost Heaven, Schroon Lake, New York.

Missy at the candy counter before her first shift.

Timothy Lagasse, Adirondack redneck.

Ticket seller.
Who wouldn't want candy?
Bryan says he feels he is a dream that he is going to wake up from. Tim and Larry have bonded like separated-at-birth brothers. And it is all so easy and comfortable. The mix has been tilted toward Boys’ Town from time to time, but fortunately, Missy and Liz have mitigated that.

I got my first twenty mosquito bites of the season last night. And I do not believe I could have survived too much more fun. There was a crazy band at the Timberwolf, and some intense dancing. Missy and I drank many more gins and tonics than normal, but we split them so it seemed we drank more than we did.

Today there were crazy rainstorms that washed out several routes, including 87. Getting back in time to open the theater and get Thor onto the screen at the right time was a challenge. After bushwhacking this way and that, we arrived with a little time to breathe and enjoy our treats.

The street outside the theater.

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  1. This is crazy but I spent a summer at Schroon Lake as a kid. It was the summer my mother was diagnosed with cancer. We stayed at the Schroon Lake Motel? I was 15 so I don't remember where the hotel was on the lake or if that is the right name. My dad was working up there on a job. Mom had been through radiation therapy and was really sick.

    I fell in love for the first time with the motel owner's older son. He was 20 and beautiful. The song "Close to you" was the big hit that summer. Steve would drive me around in a beat up Chevy truck. I lived in the stirring fantasy of that song. First love and untimely death.

    I wrote a story about it, years ago. Today the memories are still fresh and clear. I have never been back.