Monday, May 9, 2011


I am some sort of technology maven, sitting here with an iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPod Nano, an iPhone, a 750 gig back up hard disk, and two optical disk drives. Watch me work! Watch me waste time is more like it. I must admit it: I am enjoying the damn iPhone. I have been taking lots of pictures with the kitties. 

What I like about this photo is that Miep's expression is kind of like mine in the photo behind her head, taken was I was a wee thing. It is about my favorite picture of me, and it says it all: I am sitting in my underwear on the backporch, one shoe off, one on, with a big cat on my lap and an expression of skepticism.

Miep is hard to photograph because she always wants to interact with you. I was following her down. She went outside on the fire escape this morning, walked upstairs to John, Mel, and Tupelo's apartment, climbed in the window, and took a dump in Tupie's box. Perhaps for the novelty of it?

It's photosynthesis season for the cats again. Like Gerry and the Pacemakers, Cooder will follow the sun.

I almost never get any good shots like this. Love it.

So, only a couple more days left and this one was largely, but not entirely, unproductive. I'm in good spirits, though. That's something! And my mom has been reading my blog and I inspired her to throw away a piece of furniture that was ugly and dust-collecting, something I have been wanting her to get rid of for years. Huzzah. And tomorrow IS another day.


  1. I should be grading spanish tests and andean papers but I have been wasting time reading about a Mexican priest who fathered children and molested them. Also, allegations about Osama and herbal Viagra. I like your phone pictures. I have one of those little verizon jobbies that takes photos, small ones, and texts, and that's about it. I don't have i pod, etc., but enjoy listening to things on Itunes. Soon I'll go off to the first tai chi class of the week. Glad you're feeling more cheerful.

  2. I'm decompressing from several difficult days with my teen, while she's off (I hope) at dance class, by reading your recent blogs & looking at your kitty pics. They're terrific. I myself have an imac (which we 3 share when we're not on our laptops), a macbk, ipod, and a cheap oldish cell phone that takes pics, though I've forgotten how, and I can't put them on my laptop anyway, but I have a camera for that. Thanks for helping redirect my brain.