Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Nine days. I didn't get a lot of filing and housework done. But I did finally go drop off my cable box at Time Warner and became an official non-tv person, old school. The clerk did try to talk me out of it, asking if I really wanted to go without tv. I pulled the cable box out more than six months ago. I tried watching basic cable once or twice after I cancelled my premium but it was too frustrating. And now the place where the tv lived is housing something else. When I can afford a nice flat screen, I will reconsider.

John, bless him, came down to install some new curtain rod things from Ikea. Actually, it is a wire that comes with clips. I thought it might be nice to hang some of my vintage kitchen aprons, the ones that tie at the waist and don't do much good except for looking nice, in my windows. No one can really see in anyway. The building behind me does not have windows on that side (strange as they face west and would make for some nice light.) John huffed and puffed and swore at the Swedes, but he finally figured out the mechanism.

So before I go to bed tonight, I will try to put away what I have spread on the bed now. I continually have to remind myself that when frustrated, I must take one item at a time and put it all the way away. This is basic reprogramming.

On the other hand, I am excited by getting this project substantially finished (the minute organization of paperwork will take longer). I can't imagine what it will feel like to not be thinking about it, avoiding it, worrying about it. I'll probably grieve for my lost primary procrastination.

Or will I feel liberated? For now, back to the papers.


  1. I have gone without TV for most of my adult life. I feel much better about books and music occupying my time. Perhaps you will too.

  2. As you will remember, I am a cable-less individual too. If I get curious about something, I just watch it on the internet. For this reason I have a lot of time to read, watch movies, listen to music. I think you'll be happy to have done it, though I do miss events (though I was perfectly happy with online coverage of royal wedding, osama death).

  3. I haven't watched TV in years, except occasionally CNN when I'm on the treadmill at the YMCA, or when I walk through a room where Doug's watching something. Do not miss it. At all. There are better things to watch (movies), and read. And, like Laurie, I can find stuff on the internet if it really seems worth watching. (p.s. we only have cable because a technician assumed we did & hooked us up; do not pay for it; could lose it if they find out we've got it, and we won't pay for it if they do).

  4. Boy, we are on the same page here. Bill has been threatening about the cable box for a year and I keep saying "go for it". Netflix and Hulu r us.
    Those little IKEA wire thingies are made for an IQ of at least 140 -- what a pain, but very ingenious.