Saturday, May 21, 2011


If I had a job in a fairy tale, there is no question I am most suited to be a sleeping princess. And yes, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie. There have been times in my life when sleeping was my major hobby. 16 hours at a shot, over a weekend. I could yearn for sleep like an addiction. Since I moved away from Berkeley in the late 1980s, that level of sleep mastery was mostly in the past. But when I was working, particularly at FlickerLab about four or five years ago, I devoted one of two weekend days to resting.

When I was much younger I had a friend, Charlie H, who was older. He told me that as people aged they needed less sleep. Therefore, he got a lot of reading done. And I do find myself staying up quite late, 'til around 2 often, but I certainly don't pop out of bed at 6:30 or 7. And I watch more Roseanne re-runs (up to 96 episodes out of 228) more than read.

Today I got up at 8:45 or so to wake up enough to go to therapy. I came home, which was no mean feat given the transportation issues this weekend. I ate something, watched a little Roseanne, curled up with Cooder and left Planet Earth, although not in a religious rapture or anything. A repeat of  yesterday's  nap, although I didn't have any plans.

I've been up since about 7:00pm, I think, and I am ready to sleep again. I wonder what is going on with me. It really might be my body readjusting to life without pharmaceutical stimulants for focus. I am in a pretty good mood, and I have a reasonable amount of focus.

But, I hope I am not returning to the days of sleep slavery.

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  1. Aujourd’hui, je vis au présent, là où toute la vie se passe. Aujourd’hui, je vis une seule journée à la fois. Et cela s’appelle… la Plénitude. ~ Charlie Chaplin.