Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The Red Top Bar in Dresden, NY. Bikers welcome.
Mosquito bites continue to disturb. Does anyone know why they itch more at sometimes than others? The morning is always the worst for me, and neither benadryl nor Tiger Balm (turns out to be good for bug bites) really helps entirely. Mosquito bite-wise, I am not off to a good start for the summer.

I also find it disturbing that "mosquito" is such a nice, sweet word, nearly diminiutive and affectionate. And the critters are vile!!

I am a veritable mosquito magnet, although I had some serious competition from Bryan. When I woke up and staggered into the kitchen yesterday, he was sitting at the kitchen table like Renfield in Dracula, obsessively killing mosquitos and talking to them all the while.

From talking to friends I found that the rest of the East Coast had splendid weather. We had rain and floods as previously documented. And here in NY, we have segued (here's a link in the event you ever wondered where that word came from) to the muggy to afternoon rain weather. Perhaps a sincere effort on my part to get the morning sun will get me out of bed in the morning.

 Cooder and I shared some jerky this afternoon. I am still experimenting with getting photos with my iPhone. I love the abstract quality to this one.
This was a subway rider. I am trying to take surreptitious shots of folks. There was a fellow next to me with his dreads all piled up like The Cat in the Hat. He got off before I could figure out how to shoot without him knowing. I suppose that takes practice.

Still suffering from mosquito bites and exhaustion. And tomorrow, I need to get busy with life again. I didn't sleep all that well last night.


  1. Just chiming in. Want to let you know every now and then that I am still reading and enjoying. Also are you aware that Stewart was diagnosed with one of very few cases of Malaria in the United States. His name obviously isn't attached to the case. If you look it up on the CDC site it says teenage boy Virginia. It was him. His soccer team practiced on a field near the Potomac river boat ramp. He was already on the mend by the time they properly diagnosed him which apparently is also very rare so they took so much of his blood to study that he actually passed out. I was a furious mamma. Ironically enough. He wasn't a frequent bite victim. One kid actually quit the team due to the practice location and bites. Stewart got one here and there but others on his team were more ravaged than he. He and another teenage boy from another team are the two who got bit by the infected mosquito I guess. They tried to blame it on his trip to Italy until another boy came down with it.

  2. I've been told that vitamin B supplements, & garlic help keep mosquitos away, which I think may be so, as I take B & eat quite a bit of garlic, and both D. & Ch. who take no B & eat less garlic are, like you, mosquito magnets, where I only get the occasional bite. (same with fleas). Also, I've heard that one's histamines are less active certain times of the day than others. Perhaps why they itch worse in the a.m.?