Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Maybe you had to be there. The party for Betts was filled with smarty-pants funsters. Lots of popping champagne corks and word play of the hilarious kind. We declared the three muses to be Indolence, Truculence, and Malingering. As former proprieter of The Berkeley School for the Indolent, I, of course, will be representing all that is sumptuously lazy.

Yes! There was sun today. Cooder did what cats are supposed to do: worship the sun so there is more. 

I am sure I will feel otherwise about the sun in short order, but I was happy to wake up to it.

I volunteered at the Film Biz Prop Shop today, after calling in to tell them I was running late due to an emergency birthday party. They laughed.

I am so accustomed to being the boss or giving out directions, I was a bit taken aback that I had to follow directions and someone else's ideas! I had to ask what to do next. It was really a shock for me. Even being in the position of wanting to please was a little strange. I stood around after a suggestion or two had been made, while the Marea was on the telephone. I remembered the days of being a PA (lowly production assistant) and wanting to impress. I jumped right in without finishing the conversation and folded packing materials and paper bags. I tried to do an extra good job.

That might not seem like a lot, but it was a damn fresh persepective for me. I am neither directing nor the responsible party. I don't get to be in the decision making process. Wow. My opinion was neither solicited much nor mattered.

This might be really good for me. Might shake off some attitudinal cobwebs I did not even know I had.

Drove to Trader Joe's after to pick up some snacks for the Adirondacks get-away. Took photos. Here is one. Looks like it could be Italy, right?

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