Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Not so much technology today. I had a glass of red wine and maybe that is helping with the sleepy part. Again, things accomplished, but not as much as I would have liked. Perhaps I am waiting for terror to set in. John came down and hung and re-hung art and pictures. I would photograph them but I am too tired. And Cooder is doing that thing where she picks at things to make me feed her or some such thing.

I killed time by playing with my Hipstamatic options on my iPhone camera. I am tired of organizing and cleaning. Oh! And I had to do some actual work today with Robert et cie for ShweShwe Kids so that took some out of me. I am going to go to bed soon, instead of staying up until 1:00.

This is Tupelo, the cat upstairs. 

His owner, John, says this is is bookjacket photo. He only needs a cigar.


The wall near my bed. One of the areas that is clean.

Miep with a lens flare.
Perspective perspective perspective. I have scarcely been out of the house in this beautiful weather, although I did walk down and pick up the pizza I ordered for John and I while we did some redecoration.

I did take a snooze today. I am in the midst of changing my medication, which might add to some of my ... mood swings,  if that's what they are. I am in pretty chipper spirits for the most part though.

E, the falling man, is conscious and talking. In a lot of pain, but moving toward getting out of ICU.

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