Sunday, May 15, 2011


May 12th

A whistler on the street woke me long before the alarm was to go off. I don't think it was a drunk as the air, neither what I heard or how it felt outside, was chipper yet controlled. My friend, DMF, has perfect pitch; whistlers make him crazy. It took me awhile to recognize the song. It was Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly. Well, that was an odd choice for this time of year.

Lately, my dreams have been more like vistitations. I go through my days with the vague sense of having spent time with various people. I think I had a dream about Carl recently. I don't dream about him often; I never have.

May 15th
The blogger site was down for a day or two. And then I was in the rush of getting ready for the guests.
I didn't get everything done I wanted to, but the house does look pretty darn good.

L and L went out for awhile on Saturday evening. I was laying on the floor with the cats when they came in. They asked if I often laid on the floor. I replied that this had been my first opportunity as there was no room before.

The weekend passed in a fun blur. There was neither time nor fully sobriety to write. And now begins another chapter of sorts, more focussed on work than on cleaning my desk. I'll post pictures sometime later. For now I need to catch up on my sleep.

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  1. :) That all sounds good.

    I had a dream recently of the rapture, bold fiery colors in the darkness of death, and nerd that I am it came at the hands of robots and giants. I twisted through my life as if it were a game of chutes and ladders, pausing long enough to catch a friend on an old-style black spiral cord phone who was telling someone on the other end that I was very upset, and that I had lost something important to me. How's that for a dream!