Monday, January 17, 2011


Have you ever hated Microsoft word?
I made a lot of pizzas tonight.
I spent some hours today fighting/wrassling with my sense of direction
and dyslexia about direction.

The largest issue there is the wrassling with myself. If I know my prejudices and the mistakes I am going to make, why do I continue to act as if I have no better information.

Yes, this is short tonight.


  1. Habit. Like a deep channel
    running through our minds worn like ancient rivers
    into rock and soil. Dam it!

  2. Yesterday I experienced the lack of sense of directions. The only thing I can say for it is that, since I haven't left the islands since 2004, it makes it seem like I am continually in a new place when I leave my well-known work and living area. Now that I am working across the mountains, it feels at times like I'm somewhere on the mainland. Microsoft word incarnates the strengths and limitations of Bill Gates. I feel like I know the man.

  3. Love that thought, Word incarnating the strengths and limitations of Bill Gates. So smart on the surface but unattractive and shortsighted. Can't stand it, can't live without it.