Monday, January 24, 2011


Do ya ever get tired of being stupid in the same ways? Doesn't it make you crazy at yourself? I mean, I think I am smarter (though perhaps not as cunning as) than Homer Simpson, I still do very poorly thought out things, things that make you wanna go D'oh.

In this case, rather than spending 50 cents, wasting two valuable quarters, and not getting a ticket for an expired meter, well ... the meter expired by about two minutes, et! voila! un autre billet du parking. Et encore beaucoup du fric.

As if this has not happened to me 100 times before. This is miscalculation and wrong thinking. This, in a way, is not being on my own side. If a friend had asked me, I would have, of course, advised for the extra money. Duh.

And so we stress ourselves in little ways with inattentiveness. I suppose I shouldn't speak for the others out there who are more prone to paying attention to these "little" things ... that turn into big ones.

Fighting the blues. Not working is more difficult than it might sound. An unemployed person starts every day in a "one down" position. You get to fight to feel useful, fight to get motivated, fight to brainstorm about how to even look for a job in this economy at this advanced age.

Just sayin' that it's not all laptops and slackers in the coffee bar or ladies who lunch.

(Although that does sound like a good name for a Cher remake of Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.)


  1. Hate that! I keep a roll of quarters in my car. Would rather give the City an extra 20 cents than an extra $150. I feel for you.

  2. I wonder if, when one is out of work, buying stuff you need, inexpensively, at a thrift store is the same thing as saving money... Of course not...not exactly. Is this an example of the "inattentiveness" you speak of? I am guilty.

  3. Ha! just remembered my password. Now I can comment! Hurray!

  4. i hear you. now i'm overemployed, but during summer slim pickens. feast or famine. on the positive side it's how i learned about free exercise classes for the over fifty five set. I met ladies of ninety and eighty who were very kind and wore bicycle pants!

  5. Be careful Sally, the city and especially Brooklyn loves to confiscate cars. Even with just a few unpaid tickets they will impound it. Some friends lost a brand new used jeep after having it only a few weeks. The expense and time to get it out of impound was too much and it was auctioned off shortly after. Lesson: pay those tickets before they jack your car.

  6. why do we sometimes learn the first time, and why do other things take the hundredth time? Or 101st? What is with that threshold, that quantum fence? I'm one of those McGiver, anal, boyscout attention to details kind of persons so it is all the more a mystery those things that I put off or ignore at my peril. I know better, yet I do it (or don't do it) anyway. Just what is it that I know better? D'oh!!!