Saturday, January 8, 2011


Still snowmisting in Connecticut. Glad I didn't drive after all.

Jason and I have been slugging it out for seven hours. Let's hear it for the creative process! No blood has been drawn. No names have been called. And we are tired. But we did get some excellent work done. I imagine when we are less tired and really emotionally exhausted, we will feel a bit more accomplished. Right now, it mostly feels scary and overwhelming.

Hmmm ... like lots of the rest of life.

Both Jason and Maria are interested in Buddhism and the various spiritual paths for artists. I happened upon another Buddhist book, Buddhism for Beginners by Thubten Chodron.

Must we be a Buddhist to practice what the Buddha taught?
No. The Buddha gave a wide variety of instructions, and if some of them help us to live better, to solve our problems and become kinder, then we are free to practice them. There is no need to call ourselves Buddhists. The purpose of the Buddha's teachings is to benefit us, and if putting some of them into practice helps us live more peacefully with ourselves and others, that is what is important.

That's pretty much my philosophy. Use what works. I realize that that is a bit facile, naive,  and perhaps superficial, but seems like getting through life in a good way is damn difficult and whatever helps us is a tool we should use.

Now for a musical interlude unrelated to anything in this post but did come up earlier when I tried to write this: The Gap Band, Early in the Morning.

Also, words that didn't fit: jejune and disingenuous.


  1. Hardy facile, naive or superficial!
    Glad you and Jason are working! Can't wait to get back to it...