Friday, January 14, 2011


Yeah. So the challenge is on. It's 6pm. I'm going out to a friend's for dinner, where I know there will be wine. And I think, "Well, why not just kick back and sip a little before you go?" Big sigh. I'm writing this and drinking a MASH instead.

Anyone who knows me well will laugh when I say this: I need to simplify. I overwhelm my damn self. I do believe I mentioned it here awhile back that one of my resolutions was to spend more time creating things and less time managing the matériel of my life. I should photograph my desk just to out myself. It is piled with books, telephones, dvds, yarn, computers, knitting needles, cards, scissors, jewelry, paper(s), cds, and pens. There are so many books I feel as if I am in a fortress. 

And, on another note, I am rethinking the grooviness of multi-tasking. I mean, doing two things at once is probably okay, like knitting and watching a movie, but I really think I should limit myself to that, two things at once. Reading and taking a bath. Chewing gum and walking. This thing of having lots of windows and applications and books and movies and art projects all going at the same time is likely keeping me from ever feeling really completed on anything. And probably adding to the frustration level. The "need to be somewhere else/something else/ someone else.

I wonder if there are simplicity mantras? This is the first link I found. Not what I was looking for. It's funny though.

Maybe wanting a simplicity mantra is just another way to complicate things. Maybe all I need to do is find a space for some yoga breathing (even here in this chair! I don't have to go anywhere.) and spend a few minutes getting all the way back into my body. 

Okay, off to breathe.

You can download a Richard Thompson song here:

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  1. Two Zen sayings for your simplicity mantra:
    "When you eat, just eat."
    and the San Francisco version (via Sueng Sang):
    "When you eat and read the newspaper, just eat and read the newspaper."