Friday, January 21, 2011


Woods behind Jason's house.
M asked the other day: I am curious why a really great work session made you tired rather than energizing you?

Robert, Christine, and I were going over storyboards, checking the narrative, adding storyboards, renumbering, and then thinking about the whole production. It was great and it was fun, but it was tiring. A lot of concentration on small details is exhausting. 

Laurie, I definitely suffer from SAD. I did get out today and dig the car out of the snow (it wasn't that bad) to drive to the grocery store. The sun was out for awhile. Cooder and I did a bit of basking. The day ended up quite windy and cold. There will probably be a lot of ice tomorrow. (And sorry you found the RT track to be too sad.)

Kira, here are some pics from Connecticut in the snow.
Woods next to Jason's house.

I did feel better today. Of course, I did not get enough done. I think the non-drinking helped quite a bit. It will be a bit of a challenge, again, this weekend, as an old friend is in town. I am more of a drinker than she, but the temptation will be there. It is my plan to avoid. But one doesn't want to be rude.

I am considering challenging myself to a day without computers. No email. No Netflix. Maybe not even a post. I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty daunting to me. I might have to hide my Blackberry.

My friend Beth has a ritual "Day of Silence" fairly regularly. She doesn't even allow herself to swear at her pets or anything. No writing email. No telephoning. You would probably learn a lot and be surprised by the day. 

Maybe I will practice my "day without computers" when I go
Looking SW in Ledyard, CT.
up to the Adirondacks next month. I could just leave my laptop at home and be without for more than one day. 

In the beginning, the practice here was to get used to writing every day. And to apply the teachings of yoga to the challenges of writing and yoga. I am going on three months of daily posts. But, other than an increase in yoga breathing exercises (thanks again Susannah B.), not much physical yoga practice. 

Now, I will be thinking about whether to continue this experiment. Does it provide something for me? Does it provide something for you? 

A little Little Wing?


  1. Since I have only had internet since the new year, I am rather used to going without computer posting, etc. Today I used mr. laptop to 1. write a quiz
    for my second year spanish class 2. copy out a passage from a rather ghastly indianist andean novel 3. translate and copy a rather bad indian poem, from same author (19th century) 4. Work on transferring curriculum
    files for an actual paying hourly job I'm doing for the college. 5. Finish a power point for the Latin American Lit Class. So being without a computer for me would mostly be playin' hookie from work.

  2. I think missing the physical part may be pretty key. I know whenever I get myself to either go to the gym and swim, the climbing gym, a hike or walk or bike ride, anything physical, it ALWAYS makes a positive difference. I both feel good for dragging my ass to said physical activity, and the activity itself can make at minimum a good change, sometimes a surprisingly large good feeling. I forget this and often think I am too tired to do some activity or that it will make me tired and instead it energizes me. That said, you may ask why don't I do it more often? Why is Deb always having to twist my arm to get my butt in action? If I could answer that question about my inertia I might have even wiser words of wisdom. Anyway, you may want to take a look at that. Maybe you can get to the same place that gives you the discipline to write something EVERYDAY can get you to do something physical EVERYDAY. Yes, I know I am writing from California. Anyways, I am assuming will disregard as needed anything I may say so I will feel free to speak out. And if you haven't noticed, I've made it a habit to read your missives daily.

    take care and go easy