Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here's a tidbit I find interesting, and I wonder if it a side benefit from the writing/yoga/consciousness.

Since my teens, I have struggled with eating and weight issues. There are always all kinds of reasons, self-esteem, relationship ambivalence, etc. What I am finding lately is that I have less anxiety around food and eating. More often than was previously the case, I hear the "I've had enough" signal from my body. I can sit down with the expectation that I am going to eat a bunch and then find that I abruptly stop. I don't want or need any more. And that moment is a reasonable one. Even when I allow myself a third cookie, I find that two or maybe even one is sufficient for the moment. A snack is a snack, not a gorge fest.

This will be a short one as I am tired beyond worlds.                                                                                  

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