Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey, thanks for your comments and support. I have to figure out a better way to address them.

Many of the middle-school kids here in NYC are having giant midterms that they are studying hard for. I think their stress must be permeating the neighborhood as I had school-anxiety-non-studying dreams last night. Or is there something I am supposed to be studying that I am missing?

Mood-wise, I took a pretty big dip in the middle of the day. I wondered how far toward the Big D Depression I was headed. Then I remembered that I had been drinking, not-Conehead amounts, but pretty much every day for the last five or so. I decided to hold off on the Declaration of Depression for a couple of days and see if getting rid of some of those toxins might cheer me.

No alcohol tonight, and no real desire to have any, which is even better. And although I did not make any great strides into solving the big problem of my life:  a) what to do; b) how to make money, I did do my own laundry (folded but not put away), ironed (reducing that mountain), and made some progress on MW.

I'm heading for bed in an okay mood, not too many regrets or bad feelings about the day or myself.

As I was wandering around the apartment hassling myself I remembered this song and thought it might be good advice for me to me.


  1. Is there a book out their called "How I Learned about Love from My Favorite Songs"? I think it could be a best seller. Hang in there! LOVE!