Thursday, October 3, 2013


I don't want to be too optimistic, but Cooder seems to be moving around and resting better. Right now, all three animals are in the preferred resting places in the family room: Cooder on the red chair, Albert on the green couch, and Emmylou in everyone's favorite spot on the flowered couch. I stood up after catching up on Colbert and Stewart and out the window, in the midst of green and golden leaves, I could see the neighbors' two white horses grazing. Serenity inside and out.

Later that same day ...

Well, Cooder continues to improve although she is decidedly spacier and more easily confused, but it has only been three days. She sleeps more deeply now and in some of her regular positions. Maybe my relief is what is making me so tired tonight. It's on 9:20 and I want to be asleep. 

Emmylou, on the other hand, is shedding quite a bit, although not as she did last year during the great flea infestation. It's been hot, so I wonder if she is shedding the winter coat she was working on.

Enough speculation right now. I'm going to try to sleep easier tonight as I don't think I will have to get up to help Cooder get on and off the bed or anything. 

J turns 60 this weekend and to celebrate he bought Blue Oyster Cult's Greatest Hits which he has turned up. Surprising how thin the walls are in this house. There might not be any sleeping for awhile.

As a reward for your kind concern and patience, here is more fall color.

P.S. I tried to find a good quote for the post title from Don't Fear The Reaper, but it was too silly heavy.

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