Sunday, October 6, 2013


It is a day for staying in 'jammies. Cool and grey more than actually rainy. Oh, and there's that hangover aspect to consider ... 

There was a dinner for J's birthday at a local, quite popular and fancy Mexican restaurant, Las Mananitas. One might think that by now one might remember the cost of drinking margaritas, but one would not be factoring in temptations. I was sitting next to B's gf, K, a slip of a thing, and we came to the same conclusion rather quickly that too many of these delicious drinks would be a bad thing. Plus, I was hungry and eating chips and the salt and grease of the chips with the sugar in the alcohol is a surefire way to make wish I were dead, even without the dementors around. So, I switched to white wine and seltzer (not in the same glass) but all of us were pretty drunk. And we had fun.

I am not sure if I am hungover or just still tipsy. I did not take the ... hmmm ... wonder what I was going to say there. ... precaution of taking some sleeping medication ... I did wake up in the night for a good long time, looking at Cooder's shadowy silhouette against the translucent curtains and listened to the rain start. But I was able to fall asleep again.

Yes well ... I made it through the day all right, even took a nice long walk with Albert in the drizzle. I cannot say that I was much more productive than that, but it will have to do. That I have not fallen into a depression or anything AND that I walked in less than clement weather seem like wins to me.

Cooder is marginally improved. She's around 80% of her normal self and I am just going to be grateful for that for now.

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