Sunday, October 20, 2013


Oh, as usual with me, I had the best of intentions to write in depth, a more thoughtful eloquent post, with quotes and musings and all the trimmings. Well, I do have a few trimmings.

Trees at Livingston, Clermont Estate.
 I mean, that's pretty gorgeous, right?

Louise and I have been trying to get together with our friend the fabulous Diane for quite a while. We had this weekend pencilled in, but it really did not come together until, like Thursday. By that time other things had come onto the agenda, like Erik and Louise needing to to do tiling in the kitchen, but we decided to go ahead with the weekend anyway. You know, it can be hard to get organized with friends.

I was late picking up Diane at Poughkeepsie, but since Louise and Erik were busy anyway, we just tooled around to our hearts' content, driving into the Vanderbilt Estate, checking out Bard College, and yakking our heads off. Diane remembered, even if Louise and I did not, that it had been quite a while since we had seen one another face to face. 

While Erik and Louise finished tiling for the evening, Diane and I lolled on the bed in the guesthouse looking and my vintage patterns and chatting about sewing, childhood, life, children, and who knows what else. Why ... I think we were relaxed and in the moment.

So, after a late dinner and a more than reasonable amount of white wine, all are a-bed. But I needed to say goodnight to you all.

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