Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Ima start this one early, here in the days of better habits. Although, if I am being truthful, early might not obtain. It's almost 11 and I am just through drinking my morning honey drink.

I have not slept all that well the last few nights, likely a combination of more-than-usual imbibing and a different sleeping location. Last night, however, there was an ardent kitty requesting pets and cuddling, and I was only too happy to oblige. Cooder was her old lovebedbug self, much to my grateful appreciation and pleasure. Her eyes seem clearer and more focussed. I'm am counting my blessings on that score. At any rate, I didn't sleep deeply for very long.

It's very quiet what with M&J&A all gone. Many of the leaves are already down and I can begin to see the hills and dales the foliage obscures in the spring and summer. The weather is still fine, if pretty cool at night. 

So, I will not linger here at the moment as I should get on with the carpe diem thang, but just wanted to lay the base of words (but no base words) before I found myself falling asleep at the laptop. Excelsior!!!

Now it is late, although marginally before 11:00 which is when I should be falling asleep. I didn't get my walk in today, although I did a couple of other errand-ish things and in general behaved myself.

M&J&A all came home. A would barely leave M's side, in full snugglepup mode. So, I am going to content myself with knowing I did, indeed, move in a more positive direction today and hope that tomorrow I will do likewise, even though I will be confronting a bit of annoyance in the form of a trip to the Apple Store. That is always irritating.

Cooder came downstairs a couple of times today in search of Greenies. Hooray!

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  1. Glad your kitty's better. I wonder what they put in those Greenies? Our Manji-cat can't stop asking for them, and he was already pretty vocal before I started buying them!