Thursday, October 10, 2013


And there you go. Just writing so no one is worried that Cooder has taken a turn for the worse or anything. Cooder is holding her own. Emmylou is okay. Albert is okay. Tout va bien, pour le plupart.

I'm just in a tad of funk and having quite a challenge moving on the things I need to move on. Like life. I am getting things done, making progress, but man I have to do a lot of procrastinating and self-whatnot to get changed. Then again, I tell myself that progress does not happen in a straight line and to just do what it takes.

My old pals Greg and Louise from Ireland are in Brooklyn so I am heading down there tomorrow to see them. I have a little bit of trepidation about leaving Cooder alone for two days, but I think she is stable enough to spend a bit of time alone.

Trying to see the path to something.

But bedtime time now.

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