Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Still life in unauthorized sleeping area.
Sigh. The sleeping medication worked so I did get in a good ten hours. And to make things better, Cooder was back in her usual place on my pillows, snoozing away as pretty as you please. She also came downstairs on her own accord, and while she did seem a bit unsteady, she found a sunspot for a snooze. And now she is sleeping in the middle of the unmade bad instead of under it. So I think she feels better. And that makes me feel better.

Much later.
Feeling good enough for a downstairs sunbath.

I know it is all about Cooder at the moment. But she was so much better today, although I tell myself that this doesn't really necessarily mean anything. But she spent most of the day sleeping on the bed, and that meant it remained unmade. After dinner and John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I found her sleeping on the back of the couch where I often sit and work. And although she hasn't gotten back into the full Greenies addiction to the point where she begs and bugs me, she at least walks around downstairs as if she knows that there was something she was looking for/thinking about if she could only remember what...

We've been getting the first few pages of the graphic novel which Jason is taking to ComiCon this weekend. It is pretty danged cool to see them. There are adjustments and we are working faster than we want to at the moment, but Steve Ellis is an excellent illustrator so we are pleased overall. 

M was home so she took Albert on his real walk today. I went to a different reservoir and was quite surprised to see how low the water level was. I ventured out into the mud to some degree, just because it was different. This autumn leave thing is awfully beautiful. None of the pictures I have taken really do it justice. 

Oh hell and you might as well watch this awesome clip of Yves Montand singing Les Feuilles Mortes. The French version is a million times better than the English.

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  1. thank you for Les Feuilles Mortes...And are those juniper berries? If not, what are they?