Sunday, October 20, 2013


My head is close to 'sploding right now. Tired, stressed, and kind of cold, even though I have on a scarf, down booties, and fingerless gloves. J turned on the heat. Welcome to that time of year!!

The day started well. I was up too early, did my curatorial job, and then, as I saw neither Louise nor Erik nor Diane (although Louise had mysteriously made coffee), I thought I should do the carpe diem and get in my walk before I had too much time to think about it. I wished Albert were with me. It was spectacular and glorious and there were lots of squirrels and such.

That's pretty nice, right?

Here are some snaps of the view from the front door.

You can practically smell the morning, right?

Yet again, on my walk, I was thinking about some good topics for the blog.  One question I pondered was this: How does one know if one is an asshole? And what does one do about it? Can assholic behavior be redeemed, forgiven, made up for? 

The other question was "Why is it that little girls are so interested in royalty and princesses and duchesses and such?" That was occasioned by my being in Dutchess County and remembering that I was confused about Dutchess and duchess as a child. 

Louise and I did a whole rethinking of Monsterwood in about 90 fun-and-thought-filled minutes. Not the best timing as we are on a deadline to get a tight synopsis this week because a publisher is interested in the graphic novel. So, the stress is on. I had to write some panel pages for Steve to draw so that the possible publisher will get to see the main characters interacting. I drafted something and sent it to the team but I have no idea what they will look like tomorrow.

And tomorrow I need to get busy with the flea death offensive. And I have half of a novel to read for book group on Tuesday night. So much for art, truth, beauty (well ... the photos are nice), and philosophy. I need to get some sleeping meds into me and see if I can get some of that old, sweet shut-eye. Plus, I have a purring kitteh to help me tonight. (Cooder will be extra glad the heat is on.)

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