Thursday, October 17, 2013


Do I feel a stress cold coming on? I will know better tomorrow when I wake up, I suppose.  I have a lot on my mind, lots of details going on with Monsterwood, worry about the kittens, although Cooder seems quite well. They are both down here with me in the front room, Cooder on the back of the couch next to me, Emmy on the floor a couple of feet away. Cooder is coming downstairs regularly, so I moved the litter box back to the basement. And boy! does she want a lot of attention.

It's Emmylou who is causing the worry now. She's shedding madly, although she doesn't look as bad as she did last year with the siege of the fleas. Now, I haven't seen any fleas or flea shit anywhere, but I am going to take her to see Dr. Theresa tomorrow morning. And to that end, I should get upstairs to bed soon. Enough with the writing, and the beaded necklace making, and the watching of Sons of Anarchy

And as to that, I find things to like about it, it is too violent for me, formulaic, kind of for its own sake, kind of casual violence. But there is some very good acting. There is also, surprisingly, a kind of feminist sensibility a reasonable amount of the time, which often surprises me.

Albert and I took our walk at the reservoir today. The weather was almost hot and I wished I had on my flip-flops instead of socks and Converses. Although both M&J were out late, I made a quiche for dinner which turned out spectacularly. I could eat a lot more of it.

I will be more forthcoming on the issues weighing me down when I have sorted them a little more. Some of the issues are sensitive and not only about me. And I will let you know about Emmy. Meanwhile, we can all be pleased about Cooder. I revel and rejoice in her continued existence.

And KHW seems to be on the mend as well.

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