Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Oh yeah. Richard Thompson utterly shredded, nothing like shedding, at Joe's Pub tonight. I know, why would you trust me. I'm an RT junkie, so whatever the fix, I get high. But I took a neophyte in the form of JRV, and I am pretty sure he was impressed too.

All in all, and I am far too tired to go into it in great detail, I had one of my better days.

And it is my mother's 86th birthday, to boot!

Las gatas are here with me in Queens and doing fine.

But I do need to sleep.

AND JRV and I hung around long enough so that RT made a short appearance in the lobby. I chased him, politely, up some stairs, had a few words of appreciation and amusement, got his autograph on the new, just-released today CD, and shook his hand. Not quite a photograph, but I was excited or pleased.

Goes to show you need not ever be too old to be 16.

Doc's name is changing. Today she's Mimi.

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