Thursday, February 21, 2013


The right decision at the end of the day is what creates long-term sustainable shareholder value. If you keep that line at the tip of your tongue when you make a decision, you're generally going to have some pretty good results."
-- Edward Breen, former CEO of Tyco International, 

I find that sentiment or strategy hard to accept. Surely seems as if the human element gets lost in all of this. Then again, I am not the first person to notice this.

I neglected to mention my other accomplishment of yesterday: I finished knitting my little cashmere scarf. Even to getting the fringe on it, which is, for some inexplicable reason, where I often get stopped. My other current scarf project has an error and I have to rip out a bunch which is a big ol' pain, so I needed to let it sit for a few days. Ripping out knitting takes the perspective time gives you, unless it is just a little bit. I had hoped I could live with the mistake, after all, isn't it the Japanese who think you should build in errors? But it will bug me.

So this is post begins before noon. I fell asleep last night and then woke up and started trekking into that personal darkness. I circumvented a large amount of that by just getting out the sleeping meds.

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