Friday, February 15, 2013


Love these colors,

My head could easily explode right now. Lots of little possibilities for work ... they start ... they stop ... go stop go stop no forget it. 

I really did not hit my Dracula reading target today. I mean, I worked on work although,  you know, most of it is not the paying kind. Now that I look again, I am not too far off and if I make this short and just go to bed and read, I will be okay.

I was a damned mad scientist in the kitchen tonight. I thought I was cooking healthy, but there was a helluva lot of butter and olive oil. I made this up: roasted onions, kale, pear, and baby red potatoes in a gorgonzola-creme fraiche-butter sauce (oh yeah). It was good. A lot of work. But it was good. And then I thought I would make chicken piccata, forgetting what an oil and butter intensive dish that is. Oh well. I won't make that again for years.

Albert and I walked by the reservoir for a bit, although I don't feel as if it were enough genuine exercise. It was a pretty day. 

This is a good one, no?

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