Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today was not exactly stellar but I think the cat is drying out. Although there is a greenies-addict perched here on the desk, just in case anything should happen. Or maybe she just wants to be near me, but I kind of doubt that.

I got distracted into cooking. I needed to use up some ground turkey, so I found this recipe for rosemary turkey meatloaf ... oh there she goes trying ... and succeeding at annoying me ... she now just threw a bunch of catnip on the carpet where I had only this afternoon vacuumed. Emmy is apparently eating it so maybe I won't have to vacuuum again right away.

I'd go to bed but I finally washed my clothes and then forgot to put them in the dryer. I need to go to sleep anyway because I have to get up early (for me) and take the Honda in so that I can be more depressed  and worry about money more.

Yeah, well. I did manage to get Albert out to the reservoir, although we did not walk long. I got some nice pictures.

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