Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm in a thorough wet-cat mood right now. I spent large portions of the day thinking about and writing the weekly essay for my Coursera course. I had discussed my theme with Louise who mentioned that it was perhaps out of the assigned scope of the assignment. I referred to the introductory material that explained the assignment and saw no caveats that prevented my inquiry. It was only when I had polished the material and was ready to post that I saw further information on the constraints. My essay falls out of those guidelines.

But hell. I worked hard on it. And had there even been any indication that there was further information elsewhere, I should have continued to look. But they did not and I did not. It's not as if there is a real grade or credit or anything, but I am still annoyed.

The general thesis was that the March Hare's Tea Party in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland serves as a prototype for late night talk shows on the Johnny Carson to Jimmy Fallon continuum. I see some other contemporary entertainment tropes in Alice as well. Cheshire cat = pop up videos anyone?

Oh well. I need to get over this and move on.

But that pretty much explains how I spent the day. I walked Albert for a bit. I finally spoke to Cooder's doctor who reiterated that she was, in general, pleased with all of her blood tests. The only issue seems to be her diminished vision. There does not seem to be an internal cause, unless it is high blood pressure and, as it turns out, getting blood pressure readings from a cat is damn near impossible.

Tomorrow I need to get up so that I can drop off my car to see what is up with the engine light and to get the windshield wiper replaced. We had a bit more snow but mostly rain today.

I had a great night of sleep last night, but I am exercised, my blood pressure is high enough, so that I don't think I will sleep very easily. Time for some sleeping medication and some soporific movie watching. Tomorrow I begin to re-read Dracula.

From last week's walk.

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