Monday, February 4, 2013


You will all think I have fallen off the writing wagon again. However, though I am out of town, I am trying to keep up the writing routine as much as possible.

I did get my laptop working again. I had to be ingenious to get some programs on this machine without using the corrupted backup but I managed. I can do most of my work, but I did not import my address book, so I can't sent mail to my peeps, such as you are.

I need to try to sleep anyway. It's great to have the kittehs here. Emmylou, having spent five weeks here, is quite at home. Cooder is a little more nervous, her eyes are completely dilated, but she seem relatively calm. They were great in the car, hardly any mewing or anything.

Tomorrow, it's greeting and smiling. And then Richard Thompson tomorrow night!!

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