Friday, February 1, 2013


Cooder is scratching at something to get my attention. She knows it drives me crazy. I am trying to resist giving her another damn greenie. She walked off, but I imagine she'll be back.

Our usual reservoir, with bike path.
Meanwhile, I am thinking about bed soon. I have made some progress in my class, but I am going to have to step it up.

I slept too late this morning as I went to bed later due to fabulous nap. Today I was able to resist the temptation of the couch. I took Albert out to another local reservoir, just for a change of scenery. It was sunny but quite cold. Taking pictures was a challenge as I had to take off my gloves to shoot.

I worked on the MW script, shopped, and made soup again. M and I are trying to get back to reasonable eating after the holiday indulgences. The struggle with bread and cookies continues. And I am certainly not helping, particularly with my current addiction to macaroons. Well, we finished them off, and, hopefully, I will be too busy to make another batch before I take off on Monday for Queens and the Kidscreen conference and Richard Thompson record release show and all. I need to figure out what to do with the four egg yolks left over from the macaroons. (Here's the recipe, only I don't use the chocolate and last night I substituted brown sugar, which worked out well.)

I did get some good photos today. The light was really excellent.

 I have to get up to take my car to the shop (hopefully, it just needs an oil change) around 8:00 am.

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