Saturday, February 2, 2013


I am trying to cast on another scarf as my cashmere is quite underway. I am better off having another one started, particularly because I am sitting still, more or less, watching another French movie. Other than counting (and I am casting on 260 stitches so it is a lot), it is pretty mindless. Emmylou, however, is not sitting still at all. Cats just gotta do their thing with wool ... or I should say yarn, as this is cotton.

In other cat news, although I have not spoken with her doc person-to-person, I did get a message that Cooder's tests all look good and she is in concordantly good health. This is a bit of a relief.

I was a good soldier/student today and kept at my reading assignment of Lucy Crane's translation of Grimm's Household Tales. I even finished it, leaving me tomorrow to write a short paper (no real ideas yet), edit the MW script if I get a version from Louise, and prepare for the week in Queens/Manhattan. I even got my oil changed, although the engine light is still on. I will have to take it back when I return. Oh, and I need to continue my reconstituting of the laptop to see if I can get it cranked up for use next week.

See? Nothing profound or even vaguely contemplative.We were encouraged to take lots of notes while reading, and, of course, this is (morally!) prohibitive when using a library book. I did "book-dart" across a couple of sentences that might make for a one-page paper:

Nobody is content in this world: much will have more! One day the bird met another bird on the way, and told him of his excellent condition in life. But the other bird called him a poor simpleton to do so much work, while the other two led easy lives at home."

— from The Mouse, The Bird, and The Sausage

I know you are intrigued by the title of that story! Sounds like the underpinnings of, if not capitalism, at least life in these United States of late.

No walk today, so no more pictures of the reservoir. Last I heard, it might be snowing again tomorrow, so who knows about that?

It was Groundhog Day and you know what that means! The birthday of John Volny and Graham Nash!

I did get two nice pictures of Cooder who joined me on the couch as I was reading. I do think she was holding me down until I gave her some Greenies.

Oh and I got this nice shout out on FB:

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