Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So, I did not have a bad day, even though many items on my to-do list did not get accomplished. There were some items crossed off of lists. Some errands run. And some macaroons made.

M and I had occasion to be in Danbury, CT on Monday. Her nephew mentioned an Asian supply store where I might be able to find some unsweetened cocoanut. We found much more than that!!! Both M and I were utterly excited. This store, Atlantic Market ... serving the Southeast Asian community ... must be the restaurant supply for local Thai restaurants. Fresh lemongrass. Fresh thai basil. Fresh Vietnamese coriander. Oh yeah. Smiling Fish Brand mackerel in tomato sauce. Hot sauces to make a head spin. Fresh Laotian-style pork sausage ... and yes I bought some even though I am not a giant pork fan. And yes unsweetened cocoanut much cheaper than the sweetened brands, even Trader Joe's. Oh, and the baby bok choy would have made you weep.

So, I made lemon macaroons. J, M, and I were all pretty pleased, though we were able to show enough restraint to not eat ALL of them. I meant to take a photo for you, but M and I were watching an older episode of American Masters about Joan Baez, which was really quite good.

I did not get my reading nor watch any of the lectures or movies I need to be watching for class. I did get a mini-raise on my curatorial job. And I had fun working with Mr.bdg on a possible new music site.

So, I will now to bed, to see if I can't stay awake for some Frankenstein.

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