Saturday, February 23, 2013


The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done."
--Allard Lowenstein, American politician 

That should be my mantra: is it worthy trying to do x? Perhaps that would simply my life some although I am not entirely hopeful about that.

Yeah, I need to be reading Frankenstein today. I am not very far along. I've been on the telephone quite a bit, and even evaded a call or two. 

Although it is overdue, I am still determined to finish Magic Hours. Here's another tidbit from the essay about books on writing:

... Just when was it that "competent" became such a terrible fate? Like "cute," it is a word that has somehow culturally capsized and spilled its initial, positive meaning. And since when have merely good writers been deserving of barbed wire and gruel? I, for one, am glad of the world's good novels. I am reading a good novel right now. (I have already written several bad ones. That does not really seem such terrible providene either, in the end.) Writers who fail are not pathetic; they are people who have attempted to do something incredibly difficult and found they cannot. Human longing exists in every person, along every frequency of accomplishment. ...

Yeah. It behooves us to cut some slack and be, whenever circumstances allow, a bit more open-minded and forgiving of people and things on the continuum of success and failure. Isn't that what the Christians call grace?

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