Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am just having a hell of a day. Frustrated in more directions than I can think of. Much of it is computer consternation, having an incomplete understanding of what is going on and just not wanting to take out the time to troubleshoot the problem. However, as is the case with many things, I do not think the investment of time is avoidable.

Tomorrow may be a better day to wrangle with the problems. I feel quite at sixes and sevens with many things unfinished in my head and much to do ... I would probably feel less frustrated if I focussed on one or two areas, resolved those problems and no longer needed to afford them much thought. Getting some of my computer problems solved and completing the transfer of summer to winter clothes should be the foci of my endeavors tomorrow. Make it more simple.

The day's uneasiness or just not quite fitting into my own skin started with sleeping late. Which could happen again as I am not in bed yet and it is nearly midnight. The kittehs are cranky, too, perhaps from lack of attention and getting food they truly enjoy. Emmy is climbing up on me and the chair I am sitting on, although I just got up to play with her for a few minutes. Not enough.

I did a walk today, but picture taking felt uninspired. Wait. What a surprise, right?

I find myself enchanted or obsessed with the leafless trees. I am much  more interested in their stripped down forms than I have ever been when they are in full greenery. As I walk around the park, beginning to explore some paths, I see the interconnectedness of the branches. (As it turns out, the paths go through the only native forested part of Brooklyn.) This has become a rather hackneyed and cliched metaphor for my current situation. Why yes, that would be "can't see the forest for the trees." All tangled up, a thicket of issues, paths with no clear outlet.

So, breathe deeply. Bird by bird, as Anne Lamont would say. I will check out the one bird tonight, and then to sleep.

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